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Cast in Moonlight - Novella

Cast in Moonlight - Michelle Sagara

     Michelle Sagara's background look at Kaylin Neya shows the "grays" that are typical of her characters; things are not always black and white, and to create a heroine that isn't always admired or loved is risky.  This exposure to Neya as a young girl, at her first interaction with the Law of Elantra, solidifies the foundation built throughout the previous novels. 


     Gruesome in parts, especially as it deals with the murder and magical use of mutilated children, but done in such a way as to seem clinical, and not gratuitous. 


    This is the only short story outtake for the Cast series, and it was a wonderful addition to the novels.  It could be a stand-alone, but the nuances, and the growth of the characters are made more poignant by the knowledge the reader has gained from the latest novel, in particular.


     So happy to have added this to my Michelle Sagara West collection.  I wish it was in print though!

Odin's Murder (Odin's Murder, #1)

Odin's Murder (Odin's Murder, #1) - Angel Lawson,  Kira A. Gold Possibly the best story I've read in a month of books. The authors managed something that I was worried wasn't going to ever happen again for me: 5 freaking stars!!I wish there were illustrations for the text. I would have loved to see the runes, and the objects mentioned (tattoos, charms, the marbles, and the ring). Plus, the descriptions of the chapel and the initial raven in her cage were described so vividly, I would just love to see them on paper.I can't imagine the amount of work and research needed for this story. I have no clue if any of it is based on actual anthropology/archaeology, but it was portrayed very realistically. It left me believing in the storyline, which was engrossing.The characters were distinct, the evil person I guessed pretty quickly, but the last plot twist surprised me in a good way. The writing was absolutely fantastic.Please tell me there is a sequel?
Swimmer - Cailyn March The beginning was awkward for me as I couldn't get my head around the time jumps. Once I got in the flow of things, the story quickly grabbed hold and wouldn't let me go; I was still emotional days later. A visceral and tragic novella.
Forever Young (The Forever Land Chronicles) - Sawyer Bennett I loved the unique setting, and there were signs of amazing writing. The heroine was too immature, and so the romance felt very "lusty" instead of loving. Otherwise, I really liked it, and would read a sequel to watch the heroine's growth over time.
The Breeders - Katie French Very good beginning, but fell flat. Background information was lacking, and the hospital scenes could have been more horrific, but they seemed tame until Plan B was shown. Even then, though, it was a very short scene.I loved the idea, the characters as well, I just was disappointed in the execution.
Dragoon (War of the Princes, #2) - A.R. Ivanovich Amazing fantasy, and what a fabulous continuation of the story began in Haven. A few criticisms with regard to the length of time for them to travel (it seems too little time has passed to go from one place to another - even by airboat). I guess in my head, this is a vast landscape, and I would think it would be more spread out, especially with the warring factors.Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel, and wait impatiently for the next installment.
Rocky (Tales of the Were) - Bianca D'Arc A short tale of were-bears, which was new for me. I enjoyed the theme, but the magic user scenes were flat. Otherwise a fun read.
End of the Line - Bianca D'Arc Very interesting and unique novella, that convinced me to buy a few of the other novellas in the series. I loved the world-building, especially for it to be found in such a short story.
The Mating Hunt (Werewolves of Montana, #2) - Bonnie Vanak Very chaotic writing; the plot jumped around and the book's focus drifted. I almost didn't finish, which would have been a shame as I did enjoy the finesse with which the author pulled some of the threads together at the end(hero's back-story).
Unteachable - Leah Raeder This just didn't work for me. I had a hard time liking the characters, but for some people, it's the opposite. I couldn't get over the age difference, and the ending left me shaking my head. I was really hoping to love this, but it just wasn't for me.

The Alpha Claims A Mate

The Alpha Claims A Mate - Georgette St. Clair Another shifter book that disappointed me. Again with the bizarre plot shifts and lack of focus. The heroine was not a good fit for me; I just couldn't empathize with her.
Unacceptable Risk - Jeanette Grey Wonderful story, but I wish it was more fleshed out. The sparsity fit with the setting, though.
Steele Wolf (Iron Butterfly, #2) - Chanda Hahn Much improved on the first! I will say, I did pick up on a few themes or settings that reminded me of previous fantasy novels or movies, but it was fine. They didn't feel like copies, per se, more like shadows or reflections of other books.I really enjoyed this book, and can't wait for the next.
The Iron Butterfly (Iron Butterfly, #1) - Chanda Hahn A rocky beginning, but after about 2/3 in, I realized I couldn't take a break, and I NEEDED to finish. Then, I NEEDED the sequel. No cliffy, thank goodness, but the storyline gripped me by the end. I would say more of a 3.5, it definitely needed some help with the beginning 5 or so chapters. The opening chapter was so stark and horrific, and set the tone well. The characters were a little flat until the last third; the heroine had some sue-ish problems with her story, but they weren't so bad that I couldn't take it, and I ended up appreciating her more as the story went along.


Freefall - Tess Oliver Anti-climatic ending, and some editing errors. The heroine never felt completely real, more superficial, even with her POV. Her self-assured response to the insta-lust with Nix felt incongruent to the way she behaved with Lincoln.

Legends Reborn

Legends Reborn - Douglas R.   Brown Couldn't continue past chapter 33. Yet another POV, another bizarre interaction in a new locale, with characters who behave strangely. Simply not executed well; however, the bones of the story have potential. The time jumps didn't show character progression, and it was jarring. A lot of telling, and not showing. The best scene was the first chapter.