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Odin's Murder (Odin's Murder, #1)

Odin's Murder (Odin's Murder, #1) - Angel Lawson,  Kira A. Gold Possibly the best story I've read in a month of books. The authors managed something that I was worried wasn't going to ever happen again for me: 5 freaking stars!!I wish there were illustrations for the text. I would have loved to see the runes, and the objects mentioned (tattoos, charms, the marbles, and the ring). Plus, the descriptions of the chapel and the initial raven in her cage were described so vividly, I would just love to see them on paper.I can't imagine the amount of work and research needed for this story. I have no clue if any of it is based on actual anthropology/archaeology, but it was portrayed very realistically. It left me believing in the storyline, which was engrossing.The characters were distinct, the evil person I guessed pretty quickly, but the last plot twist surprised me in a good way. The writing was absolutely fantastic.Please tell me there is a sequel?